If you or someone in your organisation has recently upgraded TestCaddy to a new version then you may get the following question:

Upgrade Database?
The SQL Server which you are connecting to has an older TestCaddy database version and needs to be updated in order to continue. If you choose No, then you will be able to select another SQL server or exit the application.

Would you like to upgrade your database now?
Note: We highly recommend that you backup your database first (see the FAQ section of our website if you need instructions).
Yes No

This message occurs because TestCaddy has a database version system and it knows the version of database that it has been coded to work with. So if the Product Database (or TestCaddy's Master database) is still from an older version then when you try to connect to it with TestCaddy you will get the message/question above.

Ideally your administrator should install the new version of TestCaddy when others are not using TestCaddy and perform the necessary database upgrades for you. Refer to the Upgrading FAQ on this page.

If your administrator or someone else in your team has upgraded the databases but not given you the latest version of TestCaddy, then you will get a similar message where TestCaddy complains that you need a newer version in order to be allowed to connect to the databases.

Usually all Product Databases on your SQL server will be upgraded at once, but the situation can arise where some Product Databases are upgraded and others aren't. This isn't an issue, TestCaddy will simply offer to upgrade each database when someone tries to connect it.
As mentioned in the message, you should backup your SQL databases before allowing TestCaddy to do any uprading. Refer to the separate FAQ on this page for how to do this.