1. Backup your TestCaddy Databases (refer separate FAQ)
  2. All users should close TestCaddy
  3. Run the installer for the new version of TestCaddy on one box where you already use TestCaddy.
  4. Run the new version of TestCaddy. It will tell you that the databases need to be upgraded and ask if you wish to do the upgrade now. If you select Yes, it will upgrade the TestCaddyMaster database and all the Product Databases. You can obviously opt out at this point, e.g. if you haven't yet done your backup.
  5. Upgrade TestCaddy on all workstations where users run TestCaddy. If a user hasn't upgraded TestCaddy it will complain that the database version is newer than TestCaddy supports and will prevent logging in.

Note: If for some reason one Product Database does not get upgraded at this point in time (e.g. you have taken it offline), then when someone next tries to connect to it with TestCaddy, then TestCaddy will offer to upgrade just that one Product Database.

What if the worst happens?
If anything goes wrong with the upgrade, you will return to the message about the databases needing to be upgraded. You can select No at this point, Exit the Application and send your log and configuration file to Technical Support (see separate FAQ on their location).
You can revert to the old version of TestCaddy by restoring your database backups, uninstalling the new TestCaddy and re-installing the old TestCaddy. It will find your original ini file and operate as before without needing to re-run the Configuration Wizard.