Firstly, you must download SQL Server 2005 Express SP2, which can be found here. Once downloaded, follow the instructions below. Please note: SQL Server 2005 Express with SP2 comes as a full version. Therefore, please follow steps 3 to 5 carefully, as failure to do so can result in an additional instance of SQL Server being installed alongside your TestCaddy instance, rather than upgrading the existing SQL instance.

  1. Stop existing SQL Server
  2. Start installing SQL2005 Express SP2 (Open the installer file), and proceed with the SQL Server Configuration Wizard.
  3. At the Registration Information screen, untick 'Hide advanced configuration options', click 'Next'.
  4. At the Instance Name screen, click 'Installed instances', and choose an existing instance (e.g. TESTCADDY if SQL Server was installed through TestCaddy). Click 'Next'. Note. If you DO NOT do step 4, the existing instance of SQL will not be upgraded to SP2 (see note above).
  5. At Existing Components screen, tick all available options. Click 'Next'.
  6. Proceed through the rest of the Configuration Wizard with defaults* until configuration is completed. * You may change other details if desired.
  7. Reboot system.