Firstly, you must download SQL Server 2008 Express SP3, which can be found here. Once downloaded, follow the instructions below. Please note: SQL Server 2008 Express with SP3 comes as a full version.

  1. Stop existing SQL Server (through SQL Server Configuration Manager)
  2. Start installing SQL2008 Express SP3 (Open the installer file), and proceed with the SQL Server Configuration Wizard.
  3. At the Select Features screen make sure that the box next to your SQL server instance is ticked (if installed by TestCaddy the default name is TESTCADDY). If this box is not ticked then your TestCaddy SQL instance will not be updated and a new SQL instance will be installed alongside your existing one.
  4. Proceed through the rest of the Configuration Wizard, following the Configuration Wizards default path will update your SQL successfully.
  5. Restart your SQL server (if your SQL server start mode is set to automatic then rebooting your system will have the same effect).