TestCaddy Software has released it's latest Beta version, TestCaddy Good news for those looking to import test cases from other tools, paste images such as screenshots into TestCaddy and display export files or human readability into another tool.

TestCaddy advanced features:

Import from Text or CSV File(Advanced).

  • Ability to import Test Cases from other tools and spreadsheets by importing from text file formats including Comma Seperated text files. This is in addition to the existing import from database option.

Export to Excel added to Export to CSV.

  • Export is now done in three file formats. The current CSV file (with improved layout) and now additionally in Microsoft Excel® (.xls) and Microsoft Excel HTML format (.mhtml).

  • Has an improved export layout or human readability and the CSV format is now better suited to importing into other tools.

  • The export feature now also exports Related Tests with their final text values (as they would be displayed when you run the test in TestCaddy) so that your Custom Fields and Template Variables can be used.

Paste from Clipboard as Plain Text, HTML in Scrollable Block or a Resizable (ScreeenShot) Image.

  • You can now paste as Plain Text or paste as HTML within a block ('Div') which is resizable and scrollable. This allows HTML to be pasted within a controllable area and without breaking formatting for the rest of your text.

  • A small image in the clipboard can now be pasted directly into your text fields. This is very useful for screenshots.

  • It pastes as a resizable image with corners that you can drag with your mouse to resize. TestCaddy automatically converts the image from a bitmap to a JPG. Technical: The image is stored inline in the HTML text using the data URI for the img tag's source and hence has a size limit. The default limit on the size of the resulting JPG that you can paste is 128Kbytes.

  • These improved paste options allow more ways to communicate expected results to the person running the test.